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Ebola FAQ: Why are men in spacesuits getting on my airplane?

October 17, 2014

I felt like the news was building into a new level of hysteria this week. Just watching the tweets fly back and forth, and the video clips of self-proclaimed experts being questioned by worried reporters, and conspiracy theorists jumping on the bandwagon.

If it wasn’t so scary-sad, it would be almost comical. I also spent the week doing a lot of research. I talked to people, I culled information from posts and videos and comments and blogs. What were they scared of? What kind of information did they really want to know about Ebola? Then I went about trying to answer what I could with cold, hard, facts. The kind of facts you find in the public library of medicine. In peer-review referenced literature, or reputable websites, like the

The cumulative results of my work is the presented in the five-minute video below.


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