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When in Paris…

July 10, 2014
Eiffel Tower

Parisian way of eating

I just returned from a recent trip to Paris. I found it absolutely fascinating that the people there were eating carbs without any restraint whatsoever! baguette, croissants! And butter, butter and cheese everywhere! And even in the mornings, there was wine to be found to drink.
People were quite thin, with very little sign of metabolic syndrome.
So it got me to wondering about the way we vilify fat and carbs in the United States and what the differences were in the way the Parisians view food and incorporate it into their culture vs. the way food is produced and consumed in the United States. Could it be perhaps it is not the fault of the macromolecules themselves, but the fault of the consumer, the producer and the culture that makes the United States have the kind of obesity rates that we do?
Parisians walk everywhere
Parisians eat a simple breakfast, but they do eat breakfast
Parisians do not snack
Parisians enjoy their food, every single morsel
Parisians take their time eating
Parisians eat dinner very late and almost always have wine with their meals
There does not seem to be a forbidden food on the list, indeed it is more about variety
There was not a Starbucks, disposable coffee cup, or big gulp drink to be found anywhere

Many of them also smoke, which I do not recommend. And I certainly do not advocate wine for breakfast and every meal.

But there is something to be said for the “Parisian” way of eating. It may not be a “new crash diet”, but it certainly was more enjoyable than some low-carb, fat-free fad-eating nightmares I have seen advertised lately.

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