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New at home HIV hits market: Is knowing the best thing?

November 30, 2012

New home test for HIV hitting market with strong message

The OraQuick In-Home HIV Test, won FDA approval in July and hit shelves in September. The $39 test, which offers users results in 20 minutes based on a saliva swab, is the first home HIV test to hit the market. Have you noticed?

TV ads, by Princeton agency Ferrara & Co., bear the tagline: “Knowing is the best thing.” Initially, the company is targeting the gay, African American and Latino communities with the ads.

OraSure is bringing in a heavy hitter from Pfizer to run the marketing launch. But is “knowing” the best thing? Can they convince people? It will be interesting to see what kind of uptake this product has, given it has been long awaited and discussed. Of course, the accuracy of the test is on everyone’s mind. According to sources, The test was accurate 99 percent in ruling out HIV in patients not carrying the virus. That means the test would incorrectly identify one patient as having HIV for every 5,000 HIV-negative people tested. That is the good news.
THe bad news is that a trial conducted by Orasure showed the home test only correctly detected HIV in those carrying the virus 92 percent of the time. That means that the test could miss one person for every 12 HIV-infected people who use the kit.


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