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10 Promising New Vaccine Therapies from Fierce Vaccines!

October 20, 2012





Cancer Vaccines Come Out Strong This Year!

Is it any surprise that most of these are vaccines to fight cancer? Priming the immune system to fight cancer is a great idea, and these therapies are very welcome. Anything to fight pancreatic cancer is certainly a boon to the oncologist these days, with substantial outcomes in even advanced pancreatic ductal carcinoma. (GVAX Pancreas)

For patients with brain cancers, adjunctive treatment like Rindopepimut improved survival a whopping 52% at 24 months compared with 6% survival in the historical data.

But the real gem is the HIV vaccine, buried among them. Interestingly, when given to a small group of HIV infected patients, this multi-component vaccine elicited a robust T-cell response.  Studies are underway in larger groups of HIV negative groups for prophylaxis.

The vaccines reviewed by fiercevaccines are listed below.

  1. GVAX Pancreas
  2. HyperAcute Pancreas
  3. Rindopepimut
  4. VGX-3100
  6. CAD106
  7. CV9201
  8. Prostvac
  9. NeuVax
  10. IMA901

To read the full review go to

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  1. Still there are lots of side effects ya

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